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Keithy E Demo Skateboard Deck

The X Label brings to you the Keithy E Demo Skateboard Deck. Created by Dunkees, the deck is an original artpiece inspired by the cover of Guru’s (MC Keithy E) demo tape. Get this one of a kind skateboard deck to add to your Guru memorabilia in remembrance of the legend.



ILL KID t-shirt…


This t-shirt is strictly for the real GURU hip hop heads! In 1995 Guru released, Guru Presents Ill Kid Records, his first solo album outside of the Jazzmatazz series. The album consist of various artists such as Jeru, M.O.P, Group Home, Bahamadia, and Big Shug. Guru flexed the other side of his musical talents producing the majority of songs on the album. A rare gem of an album, this t-shirt showcases the artwork created by Guru displayed on the cover. The name ILL KID was also what Guru liked to call his alter-ego, his wild and untamed side (hence the deranged looking figure). Take home a piece of GURU history and if you’ve yet to listen to the album make it a priority! * T-shirt comes in White & Black. **T-shirt comes in both Male & Female sizes. *** This is currently a PRE ORDER selection: Will be shipped on Dec. 10th 2011.

Guru Presents IllKid Records [1995]

HEAD TO THE SKY t-shirt inspired from the song “Guidance” – Guru Jazzmatazz Vol.3 Streetsoul

This t-shirt was inspired from the song “Guidance” on Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Streetsoul album. Guru dedicates this song to his son (KC). The quote, “Walk your own walk and keep your head to the sky” is a piece from the song. This amazing image of a young Keith Elam (Guru) speaks for itself. The image and quote from “Guidance” are analogous as in essence Guru is speaking to a younger version of himself. * T-shirt comes in White & Black. **T-shirt comes in both Male & Female sizes. *** This is currently a PRE ORDER selection: Will be shipped on Dec. 10th 2011.


Keithy E Demo Tape x Converse Shoe. THE X LABEL collab w/ THE AVE VENICE


In 1986 MC Keithy E (now known as GURU) completed a demo tape that featured the early members of GangStarr; DJ Mikey Dee and Damo D (Beat Box). The tape that was recorded at “Radio One” studios in Boston, includes eight tracks featuring the young Guru rhyming and displaying his singing voice over a bare drum machine.

The demo tape was clearly made and sent directly to Magnus Johnstone (a local DJ/Radio Host in Guru’s hometown of Boston) for his show. Both the demo tape’s cover and the actual tape are labeled “for Magnus”. Magnus Johnstone founded Lecco’s Lemma radio show in 1985. It was a groundbreaking hip-hop radio show, the first of its kind in Boston and one of the only rap radio shows in the world at that time. What made it even more revolutionary for the emerging Boston hip-hop scene was that Magnus encouraged local rap groups to come down to the station and perform on the air. Since the show was Boston’s outlet for up and coming hip hop artists, it was a big deal to appear on the show. This demo tape earned MC Keithy E and crew the right to be on the show and share their talents to the listeners.

The X Label is bringing to you this collaboration with The Ave Venice, located in Venice Beach, CA. The Ave Venice specializes in custom design utilizing cutting edge technology mixed with their own creative engineering and software development. The X Label in conjunction with The Ave Venice will be releasing 50 pairs of the limited edition Keithy E Demo Tape Shoe. Like the Keithy E Demo Tape t-shirt, the shoe consist of the cover of Guru’s first demo tape on the outer and inner parts of the shoe. The tongue of the shoe holds Guru’s signature “Keithy E” imprinted across the upper flap. This exclusive yet personal item will not only be marked by the shoe number but also our favorite Guru song 1-50. These exclusive kicks will sell out quickly and are only available through and


Common at Rock The Bells 2011 representing “GURU DEMO TAPE” t-shirt by THE X LABEL

Pete Rock at Rock The Bells 2011 representing the “GURU DEMO TAPE” t-shirt by THE X LABEL

MC OF THE YEAR out now at The X Label store

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MC OF THE YEAR_ The phrase “MC Of The Year” is written on the cover of one of Guru’s earlier demo tapes in the exact format on this t-shirt. In a 1986 interview with Boston’s local DJ Magnus Johnstone (whom Guru pitched his first demo tape too) Guru explains that this year he is going after the title, MC Of The Year. “What I’m trying to do is get my raps circulated into companies and people with clout so I can get on the set and be MC Of The Year, listen clear!”.