Preserving his MESSAGE, his MUSIC, his LEGACY

WILD X shirt #4 for THE X LABEL Collection with LISTEN CLOTHING 2011 (Coming soon at

Wild Pitch Records was a hip hop record label started in the mid 1980s by Stuart Fine and was eventually distributed by EMI and eventually acquired by Jay Faires, who tried to reactivate it as part of his short-lived JCOR Entertainment label. Artists who released records under this label include Main Source, Lord Finesse, Ultramagnetic MCs, Chill Rob G, Gang Starr, UMC’S, O.C., Brokin English Klik, Hard knocks, and the Coup. Since the majority of its albums were released in the early 90’s and went out of print, Wild Pitch re-released their catalog on April 22, 2008.

This graphic we call WILD X in tribute to one of the soldier labels in the game.  Supporting what was true hip hop at its essence. Long Live Hip Hop in the 80′ & early 90’s.




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